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If you know anyone that owns a Funco sandcar, you have likely heard all about our exclusive design features and why they work so good in the dunes.  But if you haven't we'll do our best to explain.  But be aware, words and pictures don't tell the whole story, you have to ride in a Funco sandcar to really appreciate the difference. 

      The looks and handling of Funco cars are the most unique in the business.  Wonder why?  Well, there's a reason for everything in the design of our sandcars.  Reading through these web pages will reveal the secrets of what sets Funco Sandrails apart from all others. Learn how we build...........





Gorgeous 12 Preset Styles

Choose one of the included preset styles by specifying it in the template manager


Flexible 84 Module Positions

To get you started right, Diametric is utilized with plenty of available module positions


RokSprocket Enhance Your Content

A revolutionary Joomla 2.5 extension to replace a variety of content modules


RokExtensions RocketTheme Powered

There is compatibility styling for some major RocketTheme extensions Diametric


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Styles Variation

Multiple Preset Styles Diametric

Modules Layout

Versatile & Flexible Layout Diametric

Module Variations

Fashion & Style the Module Diametric


Menu Options

Integrated Powerful Menu System Diametric


Make the Content Sexier Diametric

Styled Extensions

RocketTheme Extensions Styled Diametric


RokSprocket Styled

Inclusive RokSprocket Integration Diametric

Logo Picker

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Joomla! Stuff

Styled for Regular Joomla! Stuffs Diametric

Gantry Framework Features

  • 960 Grid System
    CSS grid framework for constructing web content based on a width of 960 pixels
  • Per-menu-item Configuration
    Powerful feature in Gantry to control configuration on a per-menu-item basis
  • iPhone / Android Compatible
    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android custom theme support
  • Grid RTL Support
    Built in RTL support which will automatically order the layout to support RTL.
Gantry Admin iPhone/Android Compatible

Basic: Using Layouts in Diametric

Using Layouts

To find out about Gantry Layouts and Module Widths, check out this screencast which covers basic concepts of configuring layout with a combination of module setting and the Gantry layout control.

View : Using Gantry Layouts

Advanced: Adding Module Positions

Using Layouts

Check out this quick screencast on Module Positions to get an overview of how module positions work within Gantry Framework. Click below button to learn how to add a new row of module positions.

Learn : Adding Module Positions